This innovative treatment works by exfoliating the dead skin cells through skin peeling and allowing the acids to target the skin. The exfoliation then increases the absorption levels in the skin allowing a Power product to further target the problem areas.

Combining the potent blend of chemical peel acids with clinically proven active serums, our peels create the ultimate power boosting duo. Each peel has a unique blend of acids that specifically target several skin complaints and comes packed full of clinical evidence.

Superficial skin peels have zero down time and minimum visible skin peeling, if there is any at all.  

Chemical peels can target the below skin concerns. 

  • Fine lines around eyes and mouth or lines caused by sun damage, aging and hereditary factors.
  • Certain types of acne. 
  • Mild scarring.
  • Sun spots, age spots, liver spots, freckles, uneven skin coloring.
  • Rough skin, scaly patches, dull complexion.
  • Dark patches (Melasma) due to pregnancy or taking birth control.