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Wake up to makeup?

What is Permanent Makeup?  It is a cosmetic tattoo using very delicate and skilled techniques to implant pigment in such a way that it looks natural and fades naturally to allow for aging changes to be made. 

We offer a number of eyebrow options.  If you are not sure what would suit you or which options would work for your lifestyle or skin type, we offer a free consultation service.  Just pop us an email and we can organise this for you

If this sounds like the right treatment for you, please get in touch! We will do our best to answer any questions you might have and discuss how we can help you.

Our eyebrow

Combination Brows

This brow style is a mix of hairstrokes and ombre.  It consists of the soft fluffy hairstroke look at the front of the brow and blends seamlessly into an ombre brow to give more definition at the tail and arch. The best of both worlds.

hairstroke brows

Often labelled as the most ‘natural’ option.  Hairstroke brows are created using the tiniest of needles and mimic your natural hair stroke flow to make them look at natural as possible.  Hairstroke brows are beautiful but not the best option for some skin types, we can discuss this with you at consultation.


This is a definite makeup look.  A filled in brow, while still soft and pretty, it is much more defined and dense.  This is for the customer who loves a very there brow look.


Ombre brows give the look of filled in brows but with a beautiful soft muted front and perimeter.  It is very natural when healed and one of our most popular options.  This style suits almost all skin types.


Initial eyebrow treatments usually take around 2-2.5 hours (consultation included).  There is no downtime with this procedure. Your brows can look a bit darker in the first few days and they may scab a little, but you do not have to take time off work, this is a superficial treatment that heals easily and quickly.


We offer a free consultation service for anyone who is unsure of the options or feel a little nervous about the treatment. If you know you are ready and just want to get booked in, we will consult and talk you through everything on treatment day.  We will chat about your expectations, your thoughts and wishes and the options available to your skin type.

We may also run through some of your medical data if we see anything that needs further investigation. Your safety is of utmost importance to us.


Using a very fine needle or needles, the permanent makeup procedure gives the effect of beautiful natural eyebrows.  Each treatment start with mapping and drawing a brow that suits your face.  No stencils and no gimmicks, just an artistic eye and experience. 

Once you are happy with the shape, we begin the tattooing process.  It is virtually pain free for almost everyone, the discomfort is very minimal.

Balm is applied throughout the treatment to keep your skin supple and as trauma free as possible. Most people enjoy the appointment and are very pleasantly surprised by how relaxed it is.


We provide you with instructions on how to look after your new brows and we will also provide you with aftercare balm including application instructions.  You can also find our aftercare instructions here.

follow up

We have every client come back at around 6 weeks after the initial treatment to colour and perfect where necessary. This second appointment is complimentary, but essential to make sure your brows are perfect.  Skin can be contrary and everyone heals a little differently. 


wake up looking beautiful

Nothing changes your face and lifts your face more than well shaped eyebrows.  They can lift your eyes, give you a more youthful appearance, they save you time every day and overall make you feel great and confident! 

no more eyebrow pencils

Having permanent makeup can give you fuller brows, can fill in sparse areas in your brows, it is a cost-effective way to have your perfect brows in place forever.

People that have experienced hair loss due to alopecia or medical treatment following cancer can also get huge benefits from this procedure, just making it one less thing in the day to worry about!

your treatment lasts you years

Skin is very fickle but, generally speaking, our clients need to return for a brow refresh/colour boost at around 12-18 months.  Some people may need to come a little more frequently, usually if there is an underlying medical condition or they have a job where it affects retention.  Some people need less, some skin types naturally hang on to the colour for longer.