Lip Tattoo Corrections

Hey everyone! We have a client journey to share with you today. We had a lovely lady approach us some time ago now who had a tattoo done previously by another technician. Unfortunately the previous tattoo was tattooed in a pale pastel shade. To achieve a pale ink colour it has to contain a component called Titanium Dioxide. This is the white. Titanium Dioxide is a large molecule and the body can’t break it down. As the tattoo ages and fades it leaves this behind. It gives a yellow/white cottage cheese appearance. This will never fade.

It gets complex a little more. It is incredibly difficult to remove Titanium Dioxide from the skin. Laser removal can turn it black, it may remove with further sessions but it’s not guaranteed. Chemical tattoo removal is largely unsuccessful. Surgical removal can be the only option in many cases and this poses a large risk and will cause scarring. These options are not the most inviting so we decided to try and cover and correct. Not something we would usually do, but we wanted to help. Tattoo correction is complex.

We now have a second element to overcome. The original tattoo had been tattooed quite far over the vermillion border, this should never be done in excess, lip skin is completely different to face skin and will never blend well. You can see the asymmetry in the first image. On this occasion we have been forced to tattoo over the vermillion to cover the Titanium Dioxide.

We have now worked these lips over three sessions, two covering and correcting and the third time to aim for further coverage and a pretty pink target colour. This has turned into a full lip tattoo. A lip blush would not have provided enough coverage here. The pretty colour choices will heal fairly natural and very much prettier. A good outcome from a difficult case ❤


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